About us

This website has been created by Dr Terri McVeigh  (Consultant Cancer Geneticist) to provide information to individuals found to have inherited, or be at risk of inheriting, genetic alterations that increase their risk of cancer. 

A number of expert contributors from the Saolta University Hospital Group and National University of Ireland, Galway have developed patient information videos to describe how inherited genetic alterations influence your risk of cancer, and what you can do if you find out you do have an inherited risk of cancer. 

The development of these videos, and this website, was funded, with thanks, by a grant from the Health Research Board (KEDS-2017-043).

Cancer is, unfortunately, very common. The vast majority of cancer is not related to inherited factors. Click here to find out what factors we consider in determining when, and in whom genetic testing should be undertaken. 

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Everyone's case and family history is different. The information provided here is not supposed to replace a consultation with a Doctor or Genetic Counsellor, but may supplement the information they provide to you.

If you have any queries after watching these videos, you should discuss them with your doctor

As this website grows, we will include information about other types of gene alterations, and how they increase the risk of cancer.