A number of expert contributors have contributed to patient information videos to describe how inherited genetic alterations influence your risk of cancer, and what you can do if you find out you do have an inherited risk of cancer. .

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Dr Terri McVeigh, Consultant Cancer Geneticist

Dr Terri McVeigh, is a Consultant Cancer Geneticist in the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London. She trained in Ireland, the UK and Australia. She was awarded a PhD from NUI Galway for her work investigating the role of genomic profiling in risk estimation, treatment and outcome of breast cancer, funded by the Health Research Board/Health Service Executive National Academic SpR programme. She also holds a Masters in Health Science (Clinical Education), a Postgraduate diploma in Medical Science,  Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Genetics (RCPath UK). 

Click on the links below to hear Terri discuss how alterations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 are inherited, and how they influence cancer risk, and how these alterations can be targeted by new therapies.

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Professor Aoife Lowery, Consultant Breast and Endocrine Surgeon

Professor Aoife Lowery is a Consultant Breast and Endocrine Surgeon in Galway University Hospital, and Associate Professor of Translational Research and Regerative Surgery in NUI Galway. She has trained in Ireland and France. Her PhD focusing on biomarkers in the detection of breast cancer, was undertaken as part of the Molecular Medicine Ireland Clinician Scientist Fellowship Programme (CSFP). She also holds a Masters of Medical Science, and a Diploma in Clinical Education. 

Click on the link below to hear Aoife describe how to manage the risk of breast cancer associated with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene alterations

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Mr Niall McInerney, Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon

Mr. Niall McInerney is a Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon in Galway University Hospital. He trained in Galway, Cork, Dublin, and Toronto, and has a special interest in Breast Reconstruction and Microsurgery. Niall obtained a research MD from NUI Galway in Breast Cancer Genetics, in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Research Institute and Cancer Research UK in London.

Click on the link below to hear Niall describe the different options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

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Dr Michael O'Leary, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist

Dr. O’Leary is a graduate of University College Dublin. He trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Dublin and Galway prior to undergoing a Fellowship in Gynae-Oncology in Australia and New Zealand in 2005 – 2007.  He has a Diploma in Gynae-Oncology from the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.  He is the leading colposcopist for CervicalCheck in Galway and has a special interest in laparoscopic surgery and women’s cancers. He is the national clinical advisor for women’s cancers to the National Cancer Control Programme.

Click on the link below to hear Michael explain how individuals with inherited BRCA alterations can manage their risk of ovarian cancer, and how to manage symptoms of premature menopause after risk-reducing ovarian surgery. 


Mr Kilian Walsh, Consultant Urologist

Mr Kilian Walsh is a Consultant Urologist working in Galway University Hospital. Mr Walsh completed his undergraduate medical training in University College Dublin, and Basic Surgical Training in Dublin. He undertook Higher Surgical Training in Urology in London. During this time, he also completed his MSc Thesis in Prostate Cancer Detection. Mr. Walsh undertook  further training in Urological Reconstruction in the University of California Davis in the United States.

He has worked as a Urologist at University Hospital Galway and Bon Secours Hospital Galway since 2007, before which time he worked as a consultant at Kings College Hospital and at the Lister Hospital Chelsea in London.

He practices a wide range of urology encompassing bladder dysfunction, kidney and bladder cancer, female incontinence and minimally invasive techniques for malignant and benign prostate disease.

Click on the link below to hear Kilian discuss the risks associated with BRCA alterations in male carriers, and what men can do to manage their cancer risk.


Dr Elizabeth Walsh, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Elizabeth Walsh is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Galway University Hospital. She is also a former patient, having undergone mastectomy and reconstruction for a precancerous condition of the breast in 2008. She has kindly shared her story with us, and uses her personal experience and professional expertise to provide useful advice to other patients going through similar treatment. 

Click the link below to hear Elizabeth's story, and her advice for other women going through mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Other Contributors

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